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  • Scalable Hydrogen Generator Products
  • Reliable Hydrogen Generation for Remote Locations
  • Flexible Siting for Congested Rooftop Locations

e1 products generate pure hydrogen onsite and on-demand.

Product Shote1 produces a line of scalable, reliable and affordable hydrogen generators designed to meet global hydrogen requirements for fuel cell systems providing telecom backup power and continuous power for offgrid or unreliable grid telecom sites. Our products significantly reduce the cost and logistical issues associated with the transportation and storage of compressed hydrogen at the application site. In addition to telecommunications, e1-hydrogen generators can produce hydrogen on demand to power fuel cell systems used in material handling, transportation, and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) applications.

The H-Series hydrogen generator creates a compelling value for the telecom provider and accelerates sales and adoption rates of fuel cell UPS solutions worldwide. 


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