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  • Scalable Hydrogen Generator Products
  • Reliable Hydrogen Generation for Remote Locations
  • Flexible Siting for Congested Rooftop Locations

Scalable gas generation, onsite and on-demand.

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Element 1 Corp (dba e1) is a leading developer of clean energy technologies, including advanced hydrogen generation systems, flare gas refinement solutions, and gas to liquid production technology.  A leader in small-scale reactor design, e1 offers solutions for on-site, on-demand hydrogen generation for fuel-cell applications, industrial manufacturing, and truck-transportable skids for refining natural gas that would normally be flared, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.   e1’s modular products are designed to be scalable, reliable, and affordable to create a compelling value for our customers, and accelerate adoption rates for distributed energy solutions. 

e1 collaborates with strategic partners to aggregate technology and expertise that produces state-of-the-art chemical process systems to support alternative and clean energy. The Company operates under a unique licensing model, enabling application of technologies across a wide range of products, markets and applications.  

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