Technology Overview

e1 has developed technology for two product families centered on small-scale to micro-scale hydrogen generators and flare-gas utilization processes.

Hydrogen Generation

The hydrogen generator product family is ideally suited to economically and reliably produce pure hydrogen on-site to support fuel-cell power solutions. Hydrogen generators are packaged for ease of installation and serviceability, and are designed for cost-effective manufacturing to support a range of commercial applications. e1 hydrogen generators are compact and portable, designed to support a broad range of applications including fuel cells (backup power), hydrogen fueling stations, merchant hydrogen, and lighter-than-air (LTA) lifting bodies.

Hydrogen Generation
H-Series Hydrogen Generator
S-Series Hydrogen Generator
NG-Series Hydrogen Generator

Flare Gas Remediation

A second family of products is aimed at utilizing flare gas, thereby mitigating the negative effects of flaring associated and stranded gas. With a first product designed to refine associated flare-gas into a fuel quality product stream (for combustion in gensets), e1 has launched its Gas-to-Wires (GTW) skid-mounted, modular product. The Company is building on this capability to design economical micro-scale processes that will convert flare gas to liquids, including methanol and synthetic crude (syncrude)

Reformed Flare Gas (GTW)