Reliable Hydrogen Generation to Improve Site Availability

Critical Infrastructure

In our increasingly connected world, power outages are severely disruptive. Reliable and cost-effective fuel cell backup power solutions ensure critical infrastructure availability during unexpected power outages. Fuel cell backup power systems integrated with e1’s hydrogen generators allow operators to harden networks and improve customer satisfaction while reducing operating costs.

Fuel cell backup power systems incorporating e1’s S-Series Hydrogen Generators offer some important advantages. Extended run times, low noise and emission levels, all combine to make a fuel cell supported by an e1 hydrogen generator the preferred choice of power providers globally.

Key Advantages for Fuel Cell Backup Power Systems

  1. Versatile Solution: Scalable hydrogen generation and flexible run times from a few minutes to several months.
  2. Reliable Operation: Few moving parts, low maintenance requirements, and remote monitoring.
  3. Low Operating Cost: Lowers the cost of hydrogen, long lifetime and minimal maintenance visits.
  4. Environmentally Friendly: Quiet and reduced emissions with no particulate matter, and low CO2 emissions.
  5. Easy Siting: Compact design has a small footprint, low weight and easy integration with existing fuel cell solutions.

Target Uses

  • Telecommunications
  • Building security
  • Critical commerce
  • Railroad and highway safety signaling

If you are a fuel cell OEM, distributor or system integrator looking to use fuel cell products for backup power please contact us with your project details.