Licensing Process

Define Project

Define project application and scope of work.

Demonstration Unit

Purchase a demonstration unit

Test & Evaluation

Lab integration with PEMFC and onsite testing.


After completion of defined test plan, sign a license agreement.

Technology Transfer

Transfer hydrogen generator designs to local manufacturing.

Accelerate time to market

e1’s licensing program is designed to facilitate the worldwide deployment of products incorporating its unique and proprietary technology. Our licensing agreements can be customized to meet our partner’s specific needs which often vary relative to the geographical scope of the license, products, and applications covered by the license as well as exclusivity provisions. We provide a robust documentation package as well as comprehensive training to our licensees in order to facilitate a rapid path to commercial production. Ongoing training and technical support are available as well. Licensing e1’s intellectual property can accelerate a strategic partner’s time to market and help optimize any technical design and manufacturing lines. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the typical e1 licensing partner?

    e1’s license partners are typically system integrators who have a strong regional or global reach with a commercially ready product and are in need of an affordable hydrogen solution to quickly enter the market.

  • What is the typical licensing process?

      • Define the business and technical goals for the proposed fuel cell application.   
      • Conduct a technical review with respective engineering teams. 
      • Visit e1 for a technical demonstration and further due diligence. 
      • Purchase a demonstration hydrogen generation system and perform a lab integration with customer’s fuel cell system. 
      • Execute a license agreement and begin technology transfer. 
  • How does e1 license their technology for new applications?

    e1 has excellent in-house design capability. We frequently combine licensing and product development services if there is a need to utilize e1’s technology in an application for which a new product needs to be developed.

  • What does e1 provide as part of a license?

      • e1 will provide full documentation including source code, hands-on training at e1, and then the e1 team will complete the training and tech transfer at your manufacturing site. 
      • e1 provides solid model designs for the licensed product, and detailed drawings including metal flat patterns.
      • Bill of materials for the licensed product including component part numbers and qualified vendors
      • Circuit board design and files, and software source code if applicable.
      • Factory acceptance test and QC procedures.
  • Where and how long does the technology transfer take?

      • It takes about 3 months for the e1 team to completely transfer the documentation and assembly instructions for the hydrogen generator to a licensee.
      • This work is done both at e1 and at the licensee’s facility. Plus, we will help you develop and qualify your supply chain. At the end of the three months, the licensee should be qualified to manufacture the hydrogen generator.   
      • These are approximate time frames and are highly dependent upon the licensee’s technical team’s skills and knowledge.   

License e1's Technology

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