Hydrogen for a Clean Energy World

World-class Hydrogen Generation Technology

e1’s core competency is developing scalable, very low cost, hydrogen generators designed to support a range of applications including fuel cell backup power systems, hydrogen refueling stations, mobile (onboard) FCEV, railway, materials handling (forklift), industrial gases, and LTA (lighter than air) applications. Available in three models that span a range of product hydrogen flow rates from 15 standard liters per minute (1.9 kilograms per day) to 100 kilograms per day at a purity >99.97% hydrogen.  Our hydrogen generators are modular and highly scalable out to 500 kilograms per day while maintaining their breakthrough economics.  e1’s hydrogen generator has been licensed to several partners for fuel cell applications and is in use globally.



Small-scale, on-demand hydrogen generators. The S-Series was developed to economically meet the needs of 1 kW to 7.5 kW fuel cell power solutions.



Large-scale, on-demand hydrogen generators.  The L-Series was developed to economically generate hydrogen for FCEV and material handling refueling stations.



Mobile (onboard), on-demand hydrogen generators.  The M-Series efficiently produces hydrogen on-board fuel cell buses and other mobile fuel cell applications. 


NG Reforming

NG-Reforming for larger-scale applications.  e1 has experience in reforming natural gas and biogas for stationary hydrogen generator solutions. 


Hydrogen Purifier

e1’s membrane purifier produces high purity hydrogen, provides a long life, high-reliability at one third the cost of micro-PSA.


Technology Solutions

Accelerate the time to market. e1provides customers with high-value technology solutions from development programs, rapid prototyping, and engineering services.

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