High-Value Hydrogen Generation Solutions

Technical Solutions

e1’s Technology Solutions team provides customers with high-value services to accelerate fuel cell generator deployment efforts over a broad range of applications. 

Key Advantages:

  1. Product development:  From concept to commercialization, e1 is able to extend its proprietary hydrogen generation technology to new applications and industries, streamlining the development process and accelerating the time to market. 
  2. Rapid Prototyping: e1 has the engineering and product development talent in-house resulting in reduced development time and money saved. 
  3. Licensing and technology transfer: A technology license from e1 can be tailored to a strategic partner’s needs. Efficient technology transfer and training accelerates the time to market.    
  4. System design and integration:  e1’s engineering team has extensive experience with integrating its hydrogen generator with many different manufacturer’s PEM fuel cell systems.  Our team can assist with: component selection, P&ID, system layout, control strategies, failure modes and mitigation strategies.   e1 is also experienced with most air-cooled and liquid-cooled PEM fuel cell stack providers.   

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