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A game-changer for hydrogen generation – due to its ready availability, low cost, hydrogen density, environmental friendliness, and ease of transport and storage.

Element 1 hydrogen technology uses methanol as the primary feedstock – it is simple to access, store and transport, is a highly efficient hydrogen carrier, and gives a clear pathway to a future of carbon neutral transport via renewable methanol.

Becoming Carbon Neutral

Carbon emission reduction is a global priority. By utilizing our unique technology for converting methanol to hydrogen to support fuel cells for electricity production we can make a significant contribution to decarbonizing stationary power and transportation.

Environmentally Friendly
On-site onboard, and
on-demand hydrogen generation

For a cleaner world and greater energy efficiency.


Easy and safe to store and transport as a liquid

No high-pressure hydrogen transportation or storage is required.

Highly efficient as a hydrogen carrier
There is more hydrogen in a cubic meter of methanol than there is in a cubic meter of liquid hydrogen.

Environmentally Friendly

Ready to meet all future regulatory requirements by simply switching to renewable methanol.

What Methanol Delivers

As an extremely effective hydrogen carrier, methanol is:


Immediately and readily available globally, and widely approved as a fuel type.


35% to 75% reduction in the cost of hydrogen at the point of use.

Increasing Hydrogen Capacity

By combining methanol with water, we increase the hydrogen yield by 50%. In fact, of the product hydrogen delivered from Element 1 hydrogen generators, 33% comes directly from water.

No Costly Storage

There is no need for specialized high-pressure storage tanks – we produce just the right amount of hydrogen at the time of need and feed it via our buffer tanks directly into a fuel cell.

This eliminates the logistical challenges and costs inherent in distributing compressed hydrogen – with no NOx, SOx or PM emissions.

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