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On-site and on-demand
hydrogen generation

If you are a fueling station operator looking for affordable hydrogen production, please contact us with your project details.


On-Site FCEV Hydrogen Refueling

If your vehicles return to base for refueling, then our on-site generators can make sure high-purity fuel cell grade hydrogen is ready when you need it.

On-site hydrogen generation can remove the cost and complexity of expensive electrolyzers, and remove the challenges associated with manufacturing, transporting, and storing bulk liquid or compressed hydrogen.


Most hydrogen is generated at large-scale production facilities, delivered and stored as a liquified or compressed gas.  However, delivered hydrogen is expensive and site storage is often limited by regulations.  Hydrogen can also be produced on‐site using an electrolyzer, but electrolyzers are expensive, power hungry, unreliable if solely dependent on renewable electricity from solar or wind, and with a high carbon intensity if grid connected.

On-Site & On-Demand
Scalable Solution

The Element 1 L-Series hydrogen generators are designed to provide a scalable hydrogen solution that grows with FCEV fleet operations and delivers the lowest overall cost of hydrogen for the station operator.

Target Uses 

  • Automotive 

  • Heavy-duty Vehicles  

  • Transit Bus 

  • Forklift Trucks (material handling)

Lowest Delivered Cost Per Kilogram of Hydrogen

Converts an environmentally friendly, easily handled, readily available, and hydrogen dense feedstock blend of methanol and DI water into fuel cell grade high-purity hydrogen at the lowest cost per kilogram delivered.

Lowest Initial Cost of Equipment

Lower capital cost compared to legacy electrolyzer and natural gas reformer solutions. An L-Series hydrogen generator can reduce the cost of onsite hydrogen generation by up to 75%, stretching the available capital to build more refueling stations and extend hydrogen coverage.

Versatile Solution

Scalable hydrogen generation from 50 kg/d to 1,000 kg/d to allow the operator to size the hydrogen production to meet the needs of evolving demand.

Key Advantages

For the Refueling Station Operator

Easy Siting

Compact design with a small footprint allows for flexible installation into both existing and proposed refueling locations.

Reliable Operation

Few moving parts, low maintenance requirements, and a long lifetime.

Environmentally Friendly

Quiet and zero emissions with no particulate matter, and low carbon intensity.

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