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Our world-leading hydrogen generation and purification technology opens a whole new world of exciting applications and possibilities to access and use the clean energy fuel of the future, with on-demand generation and lower costs.

Fueling the Future

By using methanol and water as our feedstock and focusing on producing hydrogen on an as-needed basis, we can overcome most of the traditional cost and environmental challenges of using hydrogen as a reliable and sustainable energy source.

Solving The Hydrogen Challenge 
Increased Safety, Decreased Cost

With our on-site, on-demand, and mobile hydrogen generation solutions there is no longer the need for expensive, and potentially dangerous, transportation and storage of liquid or compressed hydrogen.

Off Grid

Eliminate the expense, lengthy bureaucratic nightmare, and often environmentally unfriendly nature of on-grid electricity powering electrolyzers to produce bulk hydrogen.

On-site onboard, and
on-demand hydrogen generation

For a cleaner world and greater energy efficiency.

Element 1 Technology

Unique hydrogen generation technology for unrivalled flexibility and cost advantages.

On-The-Go or On-Site

Now, fuel cell grade hydrogen from methanol can be produced right where you need it, in the right volumes, at the right time. You can generate on-the-go with our mobile technology – or on-site with our fixed hydrogen generator solutions.

Better Performance

Vehicles with onboard methanol conversion to hydrogen can achieve an enviable mix of lower capex and opex, longer range, and shorter refill times.

Unique Element 1 Purification Technology

Developed over 35 years under the direction of Dr. David Edlund, Element 1’s membrane-based purification module is at the core of our proprietary intellectual property.  The proven and mature technology within the purification module represents a significant advancement in scalable, reliable, and affordable hydrogen purification and is a winning alternative versus micro-scale pressure swing absorption (PSA).


Along with the benefits of low cost, simple operation, and scalability is the fact that our technology produces fuel cell-grade hydrogen from methanol at greater than 99.99% purity with less than 0.2 ppm CO.

Element 1’s core competency is developing scalable, low cost, hydrogen generators designed to support hydrogen refueling stations, stationary power applications (primary and backup power, grid-independent BEV charging stations), and mobility applications (onboard heavy-duty vehicles, trains, maritime vessels).

Our hydrogen generators are modular and highly scalable up to 500 kilograms per day of fuel cell grade hydrogen from methanol, while maintaining breakthrough economics.  Element 1’s hydrogen generator has been licensed to several partners for fuel cell applications and is in use globally.

World-class Hydrogen Generation Technology

Versatile Solution

Scalable hydrogen generation and flexible run times from a few minutes to several months.

0% NOx, SOx, particulates and low CO2
Even while running on standard grey methanol the hydrogen generator/fuel cell set produces zero particulates (PM), zero NOX, zero SOX, and 28% less CO2 than a diesel generator. 

Reliable and Low Maintenance

Simple in design and construction with high reliability and very few “moving parts” to deliver low maintenance and repair costs as compared to diesel engines.

Improved Efficiency

Even more efficient operationally than diesel engines when matched with a battery bank to provide surge power and manage very low loads.

Future Ready

Ready to meet all future regulatory requirements by simply switching to renewable methanol.

Carbon Capture

Can be configured for efficient carbon capture and thus carbon negative with renewable methanol.

What Our Technology Delivers


Find out more about how methanol allows us to solve the hydrogen challenge and provide us with a clear pathway to a future of carbon-neutral transport.

The obvious choice to fuel our future.
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