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On-site and on-demand
hydrogen generation

For a cleaner world and greater efficiency.


Grid-Independent Electricity Generation for BEV Charging Stations

Our methanol-hydrogen-electricity pathway can provide clean, reliable, economic electricity generation on-site to charge battery electric vehicles.

On-site generation removes reliance on local power grids to provide a secure and reliable source of the large amounts of electricity required for recharging BEV’s.

No More Power Grids

Economical & Environmentally Friendly

Element 1 hydrogen generators produce hydrogen from methanol and deliver hydrogen on-demand at the point of use, eliminating the need to transport compressed hydrogen gas.

This significantly reduces the cost of using hydrogen to generate electricity. In addition, this process can be carbon-neutral, and in some cases carbon-negative, when methanol is produced from renewable feedstocks such as captured carbon dioxide or municipal solid waste. 

On-Site & On-Demand

With enormous growth in the EV sector, the need to significantly expand the recharging infrastructure is increasing rapidly. With each charging station often requiring MWs of electrical power, building out the BEV charging infrastructure is expensive and challenging, both in urban and remote locations. 


Element 1’s technology provides a safe, reliable and economic solution to this challenge – with scalable hydrogen generation technology providing the required hydrogen for on-site fuel cell electricity generation. 

Element 1 has recently entered into a partnership with Kaizen Clean Energy (KCE) to bring this application to life through the alignment of the Element 1 L-Series Hydrogen generator with KCE’s distributed hydrogen generation expertise. 

Find out more about this partnership announcement here.

Kaizen Clean Energy Partnership
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