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On-site and on-demand
hydrogen generation

If you are a fuel cell OEM, system integrator, or fleet operator looking to use fuel cell products for mobile power applications please contact us with your project details.

Onboard Hydrogen Generation for Fuel  Cell Electric Vehicles

On land or sea, on-road or off-road, you can take our generation technology onboard with you to make hydrogen for your FCEV on the go.

Element 1’s mobility-series hydrogen generators are an effective means of addressing air quality challenges, combating green-house gas emissions, extending the range of FCEVs, and providing fleet operators with greater route flexibility.

Target Uses 

  • Heavy-duty Vehicles 

  • Marine 

  • Transit Bus 

  • Rail 

  • Mobile Generator 

Mobile Hydrogen Generators

Versatile Solution

Scalable hydrogen generation to support fuel cell solutions ranging from tens of kW to MWs.

Extended Ranges

On-demand fuel cell grade hydrogen generation produced from a tank of environmentally friendly, easily handled, methanol/water mix, increases the range of FCEVs beyond the limits of stored compressed hydrogen.

Key Advantages

For Mobile Hydrogen Generating Systems

Reliable Operation

Few moving parts and low maintenance requirements.


Reduces space and weight requirements and maximizes passenger capacity.

Environmentally Friendly
Quiet, zero emissions with no particulate matter, and low carbon intensity.

Decarbonized Transportation

In response to government directives around the world to implement clean energy initiatives in the transportation sector, FCEV solutions can provide a pathway to affordable decarbonized transportation.

Clean Energy

Element 1’s hydrogen generator makes this objective a reality. By using a hydrogen dense mixture of methanol and water, we can extend the range of FCEVs significantly beyond what may typically be achieved by using onboard compressed hydrogen.

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