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On-site and on-demand
hydrogen generation

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Marine Mobile Hydrogen Generation

Element 1 has teamed up with leading industry partners to create innovative FCEV applications for the marine sector.

Energy EfficientConsumes 35% less energy than diesel generators and is thus cost effective operationally even today and before considering any new regulations or carbon tax.

0% NOx, SOx, particulates & low CO2

Even while running on standard methanol the hydrogen generator/fuel cell set produces zero particulates, zero NOx, zero SOx emissions, and 28% less carbon dioxide emissions than a diesel generator.

Reliable Operation

Simple in design and construction with high reliability and very few “moving parts” thus low maintenance and repair costs as compared to diesel engines.

Key Advantages

Of the hydrogen generator/fuel cell combination include

Future Ready
Ready to meet all future regulatory requirements by simply switching to renewable methanol.

Carbon Neutral

Very low, even negative, carbon emissions when using renewable methanol.  Can be configured for efficient carbon capture resulting in even lower net CO2 emissions.

Environmentally Friendly, Economically Viable

For marine applications such as main propulsion for inland and coastal vessels, electrical generators on ocean-going vessels, and power for refrigerated shipping containers, hydrogen-powered PEM fuel cells are the logical choice to achieve “low-to-no” carbon emissions in keeping with IMO 2030/50 and other regulations.


In fact, fuel cells already have many advantages over diesel engines, such as fuel efficiency, low maintenance and repair costs, and no harmful emissions such as particulates, SOx and NOx.

Solving The Hydrogen Challenge

Element 1, through the development of unique on-site, onboard hydrogen generation technology has been able to overcome many of the historical challenges of producing, transporting and storing bulk hydrogen by using methanol and water to produce high-purity fuel cell grade hydrogen on demand.


This hydrogen can be produced in a mobile onboard system where methanol is stored in conventional tanks and water is added on-the-go.

Element 1 has partnered with Maritime Partners LLC and Ardmore Shipping Corporation to create a joint venture called e1 Marine to utilise and further develop the unique Element 1 technology to allow maritime industry operators to efficiently produce their own fuel cell grade hydrogen on-site (land based or onboard) – and most importantly on-demand – allowing the carbon intensity of future fleets to be dramatically cut to meet the demanding global emissions objectives.

Strategic Partners, Industry Experts
M/V Hydrogen One

The industry’s first IMO 2030 compliant long-range tugboat. e1 Marine’s patented reformer technology, licensed from Element 1 Corp, converts methanol to hydrogen onboard the vessel, producing ultra-low emissions and a 550 mile/4-day range between refueling.

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