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On-site and on-demand
hydrogen generation

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M-Series Hydrogen Generator

Mobile (onboard), on-demand hydrogen generators.

The M-Series hydrogen generator takes our advanced fuel reforming and hydrogen purification technologies directly onboard fuel cell buses, heavy-duty logistic vehicles, and marine applications.

High Purity Hydrogen
Mobile Solution

The compact M-Series was designed to displace stored compressed hydrogen to support fuel cell propulsion applications. 

Target FCEV Uses:

  • Buses

  • Heavy duty delivery trucks

  • Marine applications

  • Mobile charging vehicles

Extends Range of FCEV

On-demand fuel cell grade hydrogen generation produced from a tank of environmentally friendly, easily handled, hydrogen dense blend of methanol and DI water, increases the range of FCEVs beyond that which can be achieved with stored compressed hydrogen.

Reduces space and weight requirements

The compact M-Series incorporates innovative design features that reduce space and weight requirements when compared to stored high-pressure hydrogen tanks.

No stored high-pressure hydrogen

As the M-Series produces low-pressure hydrogen which is consumed by the fuel cell. Almost no hydrogen is actually stored on the vehicle, reducing regulatory hurdles.

Scalable to support 30 kW to 100 kW fuel cell solutions

The M-Series is designed to produce between 400 sL/m to 1,300 sL/m of hydrogen to support 30 kW to 100 kW fuel cell modules.

Key Advantages

For the M-Series hydrogen generator

Vibration Resistant

Advanced fuel reformer and hydrogen purifier are vibration resistant providing long lifetimes in a mobile environment.

Minimal power requirements

Requires minimal electrical power (< 5 kW) when generating hydrogen.

Low maintenance

Advanced fuel reforming process and proprietary membrane purifier have few moving parts, robust design and a long lifetime.

Reduced Emissions

No particulate matter, and low CO2 emissions. If renewable methanol is used, zero net CO2 emissions.

Easy Integration

Flexible and compact, the M-Series will easily integrate into both mobile vehicle and marine platforms.

What problem does the M-Series hydrogen generator solve?

Mobile applications incorporating PEM fuel cells often do not have the space available to store sufficient compressed hydrogen to meet the range requirements of the application. The M-Series hydrogen generator takes on-demand hydrogen generation directly onboard vehicles eliminating the requirement of stored compressed hydrogen, saving considerable space and increasing the range of the vehicle.

How much hydrogen does the M-Series hydrogen generator produce?

The vibration-resistant M-Series hydrogen generator can be scaled to produce from 50 to 170 kilograms per day of pure hydrogen supporting 30 kW to 100 kW PEM fuel cell mobility solutions.

What are the extended run time capabilities of the M-Series Hydrogen Generator?

The M-Series reformer system utilizes a readily available liquid methanol and water feedstock stored onboard the vehicle. Depending on the size of the feedstock tank and the hydrogen flow requirements of the fuel cell, the M-Series can support range requirements of more than 1,000 km.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the M-Series hydrogen generator

How long does it take the M-Series to produce hydrogen?

Element 1 has designed the M-Series hydrogen generators to operate from a hot standby mode. Utilizing a novel reactor design, it takes under one hour to go from ambient temperature to hot standby. From hot standby, the M-Series can start producing hydrogen in 30 sec with full production in less than 20 minutes.

What are the electrical power requirements for the M-Series?

The M-Series requires minimal electrical power infrastructure to produce hydrogen. 3 kW to 5 kW of electrical power is required to maintain hot standby when not producing hydrogen. 3 kW to 5 kW of electrical power is also required when producing hydrogen.

Does M-Series have a weather proof casing?

The M-Series is modular in design. The major components (controls, reactor box, purifier box, BoP, buffer tank) can be situated within various areas of the vehicle to make the most efficient use of available space.

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