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Element 1 Corp Unveils Scalable Hydrogen Generator for Material Handling Logistics

Ideal Product for Dealer-Focused Hydrogen Generation Bend, Oregon, U.S.A., March 1st, 2018– Element 1 Corp (“e1”), a leading developer of hydrogen generation technology, today announced the market introduction of its L-Series Hydrogen Generator targeted at hydrogen fueling for mobile applications including fuel-cell lift trucks (forklifts), yardspotters, tuggers, container handlers, and other heavy-duty equipment. Responding to customer demand, e1 has produced the L100 hydrogen generator which is the first product roll-out under the L-Series platform.

The L-Series product line has a production capacity of 50 to 500 kilograms of hydrogen per day, from methanol/water feedstock, making it capable of fueling 20 to 200 fuel-cell lift trucks every 24 hours. e1’s unique and proprietary hydrogen generation technology provides for compact size and unparalleled ease in terms of logistics, siting, and installation.

“A steady, cost-effective supply of hydrogen is an important requirement for decision makers considering the implementation of fuel-cell lift trucks,” stated Dr. David Edlund, e1’s Chairman and CEO. “Through our focus on cost-reduction and technology innovation, paired with state-of-the-art automated controls from Woodward, Inc., the L-Series platform sets a new industry benchmark for reliable and cost-efficient hydrogen generation. It has taken 120-man years, and many designs to create a simple, low-cost hydrogen generator. e1 is uniquely positioned to support the many end users who are looking for on-site hydrogen fueling as a means to gain control over their fuel supply, and simplify hydrogen refueling logistics,” concluded Dr. Edlund.

Forklift dealer networks are at the center of efforts to deploy fuel-cell lift trucks from a growing list of manufacturers. The L-Series product line supports efforts to accelerate dealer sales of fuel-cell lifttrucks by eliminating the handling and transporting of high-pressure hydrogen, significantly reducing capital costs, reducing refueling footprint, eliminating carbon emissions from transporting compressed hydrogen, and most importantly providing an attractive recurring revenue stream from the sale of either methanol/water feedstock, or product compressed hydrogen. e1 has received significant interest in the L-Series, with the first product being delivered in March to a customer in China for vehicle refueling.


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