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Methanol Hydrogen Generation Takes Flight in Aerospace Sector with e1 & NEXA Capital JV

airplane sitting on runway ready for take off

Element 1 and NEXA Capital Partners LLC (NEXA) announced they have formed a new joint venture named Hydrogen Aviation Development Company (HADC or the JV). HADC is a special purpose “energy company” that will commercialize e1’s proprietary methanol-to-hydrogen generation technology for fuel cell applications within the aerospace sector including:

  • Grid-independent charging of electric aircraft.

  • Grid-independent charging of airport equipment, service vehicles and airport-based rental cars.

  • Hydrogen refueling for fuel cell aircraft and ground vehicles residing at airports.

“This technology presents an energy efficient and green solution, when using renewable methanol, to the challenges of providing mega-watts of electrical power at airports to support the transition to electrified aircraft and ground-based vehicles.”

Upon formation of the JV, e1 granted HADC a worldwide exclusive license to its technology for all aerospace applications. The license also grants HADC the ability to exploit e1’s hydrogen generation technology for charging ground-based service equipment and battery electric cars residing at airports. The hydrogen generators being deployed by HADC under license from e1 are the world’s only scalable hydrogen generators that produce high purity fuel cell grade hydrogen from methanol, which is increasingly being derived from renewable sources such as biomass or renewable electricity and captured carbon dioxide (CO2).


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