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e1 Marine’s methanol to hydrogen generator is awarded Approval in Principle from Lloyd’s Register

e1 Marine’s M-series methanol to hydrogen generator has received Approval in Principle (AiP) for marine applications from Lloyd’s Register, a leading class society.

The AiP represents an important landmark for demonstrating the compliance of e1 Marine’s technology with all applicable regulations, codes and standards. This will act as a springboard for enabling the demonstration of the generator across different maritime sectors from ports and towboats to offshore and deepsea vessels. Lloyd’s Register has also confirmed that final approval for the technology is possible, including for inland waterways, when following Inland Waterway regulations.

Robert Schluter, Managing Director at e1 Marine, commented:

“The maritime industry faces a once in a generation challenge in managing the way it utilises energy for propulsion as part of the global energy transition to net zero carbon. Using e1 Marine’s technology, with methanol providing a safe and effective carrying medium for hydrogen, enables the adoption of clean zero emission fuel cell power solutions. With the M-series methanol to hydrogen generator, we are making hydrogen a viable fuel option for the maritime industry for vastly different applications.

“Securing Approval in Principle from Lloyd’s Register underscores our technology’s viability. It also provides valuable credentials to support our piloting programme, so that we can demonstrate how our solution can contribute to reducing shipping’s carbon emissions.”

Mark Darley, Marine & Offshore Director at Lloyd’s Register, said:

“This Approval in Principle is an important step towards reducing carbon emissions from power sources for ship operations, helping transfer the expertise gained in this technology on land to a potentially wide variety of marine applications. We look forward to assisting e1 Marine with their technological advances to assist the global maritime energy transition.”

Through e1 Marine’s patented hydrogen generation technology, fuel cell-grade hydrogen is safely and cost-effectively generated from methanol and water. It can be delivered on-site, onboard, and on-demand, and it provides an immediately viable pathway to green energy.

The fuel cell-grade hydrogen output meets all relevant ISO standards, and it’s ideal for use with fuel cells to generate electricity or to supplement the standard fuel of a conventional engine.

The successful development of this system builds on a collaboration between Element 1 Corp, the leading methanol-to-hydrogen technology company; Ardmore Shipping Corporation, an independent owner and operator of mid-size product and chemical tanker vessels; and Maritime Partners, a tailored leasing solution provider to the maritime industry.

For more information on the technology, click here.


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