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Hyfindr Shorts - 60s Interview covering the high-level benefits of the Element 1 hydrogen solution

Element 1 hydrogen generation process overview

Robert Schluter, Founder and CCO at Element 1, shared exciting innovations to be showcased at the Hydrogen Technology Expo in Houston. The 60-second interview offered a glimpse into the advancements that Element 1 is bringing to the forefront of hydrogen technology.

Robert discussed the revolutionary Element 1 hydrogen generators, which utilize a feedstock of methanol and water to produce hydrogen. These generators are seamlessly integrated into fuel cell power solutions, serving as a vital bridge that connects clean and green hydrogen power with practical fuel cell applications.

Robert acknowledged the existing challenges hindering the widespread adoption of fuel cell power. However, he confidently pointed out that Element 1 addresses these barriers with its cutting-edge technology. "The innovative hydrogen purifier within the hydrogen generator overcomes the significant obstacles in the fuel cell power landscape by producing economical hydrogen right at the point of demand".


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