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Element 1 Announces New Syngas Generator for Use In Research & Development Laboratories

Bend, Oregon USA, November 29th, 2012 –Element 1 Corp, a manufacturer of hydrogen generators, today announced availability of its new laboratory syngas generator. The LT-10 syngas generator produces a real reformate mixture for accurate research, development, and testing for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. The LT-10 is a low cost tool for providing syngas on demand, without the need for provisioning and storing cylinders of highpressure gases. The LT-10 can help accelerate product development in petrochemical research, hydrogen fuel cells, catalyst testing & development, gas separation technology, and chemical engineering fields. University and government research laboratories will also benefit from the LT-10.

The LT-10 syngas generator is compact and simple to use, creates realistic syngas up to 10L/min, includes a variable temperature control and high-pressure pump, and is powered by standard 110 Volt AC. The syngas generator is in production with availability 2 weeks ARO. A technical datasheet is available on the Element 1 website at


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