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Element 1 Corp and RIX Industries Partner to Deploy Hydrogen Generators for Fuel Cell Systems

Onboard hydrogen generation for marine and off-road mobility applications

Bend, Oregon, U.S.A., October 7, 2020 — Element 1 Corp (“e1” or “the Company”), a leading developer of hydrogen generation technology, announced today that its proprietary methanol-based M-Series hydrogen generator technology has been licensed to RIX Industries (RIX). Under the terms of the license agreement, RIX has been granted non-exclusive rights to manufacture and deploy e1’s M-Series onboard hydrogen generators for use in fuel cell mobility applications, including marine vessels and off-road vehicles such as mining trucks, tractors, and heavy-lift trucks in both North America and Europe.

Governments across the globe are striving to reduce harmful emissions into the air and waterways. Tightening regulations combined with corporate sustainability initiatives are driving a massive migration to non-polluting electric propulsion systems, many of which utilize hydrogen fuel cells.

Dr. David Edlund, e1 CEO, said, “e1 is delighted and privileged to be collaborating with RIX. They are a first-class manufacturing partner and a long-time authorized supplier to multiple branches of the U.S. military along with a wide range of commercial and industrial end-users. The onboard hydrogen generation technology being licensed to RIX is unique to e1 and is highly enabling to the mass commercialization of fuel cell systems for a wide variety of transportation-related fuel cell applications. I anticipate our relationship with RIX to broaden substantially over the not too distant future,” concluded Dr. Edlund.

“RIX Industries has a global reputation for excellence, and the addition of e1’s technology to our portfolio strategically aligns with our brand and our growth strategy,” said Bryan Reid, Chief Sales Officer at RIX. “We are focused on the clean energy future and firmly believe that there is a significant market opportunity that can be effectively addressed by RIX incorporating e1’s M-Series hydrogen generator into power solutions”.

The onboard storage of methanol used by e1’s hydrogen generators requires a fraction of the space on a maritime vessel as compared to compressed hydrogen, enabling a significantly greater range between fueling. This range extension is critical for not only marine vessels but also for heavy and medium-duty fuel cell trucks traveling long distances each day.

Element 1 Corp (Bend, Oregon):

Element 1 designs and develops novel processes to enable the commercialization of clean-energy products and processes and alternative-energy technology. Through licensing our IP to strategic partners, our mission is to significantly reduce barriers to the adoption of hydrogen technology and fuel cells for a range of applications and to reduce the waste and pollution associated with flaring natural gas. For more information about Element 1, please visit

RIX Industries):

Founded in 1878, RIX Industries is a technology-focused company, headquartered in Benicia, CA, specializing in the design, development, and manufacture of pneumatic energy storage, transfer, and control system solutions, including gas generation systems, precision compressor solutions, and cryogenic cooling technologies for critical applications in Marine, Aerospace, Land, Energy, Industrial and Medical markets.

Media Contact:

Robert Schluter President Element 1 Corp Phone: 541.678.5943 E-mail:

e1 Investor / Analyst Contact:

Greg Haugen CFO Element 1 Corp Phone: 541.639.1711 E-mail:

RIX Industries Contact:

Elizabeth Schroeder Marketing Manager RIX Industries Phone: 707.745.7198 E-mail:


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