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RIX Industries & Element 1 Partner For On-Demand Hydrogen Generators in Infrastructure Applications

Benicia, CALIF — RIX Industries, a leading developer of gas generation systems and energy technologies, today announced it has expanded its license for proprietary methanol-based hydrogen generator technology from Element 1 Corp (e1) to include stationary applications. Under the terms of the expanded license agreement, RIX has been granted rights across North America and Europe to manufacture and deploy e1’s S-series hydrogen generators to fuel primary and backup power in stationary infrastructure applications.

As critical infrastructure operations demand stable, sustainable power, hydrogen on-demand offers an advantage in achieving sustainability goals, as well as grid independence and off-grid reliability. Hydrogen-on-demand systems are inherently optimized for critical environments such as utility and telecom facilities, electric vehicle charging, data center operations, and safety systems and emergency service centers in geographic regions that face natural instability.

RIX has been a licensed manufacturer of e1’s M-Series mobile hydrogen generators since 2020 and a licensee of e1 Marine since its founding in 2021. The company’s mobile methanol-to-hydrogen generation systems will be deployed on the MV Hydrogen One, the world’s first methanol/hydrogen fuel cell-powered towboat.

Read the full article on the RIX website here


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