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Welcome to e1

e1, is an energy technology company that designs and manufactures hydrogen generator (fuel reformer) products. 

Supplying cylinders of compressed hydrogen to remote areas is logistically impractical, cost prohibitive, and can limit the implementation of PEMFC solutions. Hydrogen generators deliver hydrogen on-demand effectively lowering the cost of running and maintaining fuel cells used in critical back-up power applications. 

e1 products utilize proprietary technology and novel designs that significantly reduce the complexity of the fuel reformer system achieving a new milestone for reliable and affordable reformer solutions to the fuel-cell industry. This combination enables e1 to create compelling value for the end customer, and accelerate the sales and adoption rates of PEMFC solutions worldwide. 

e1 has developed its hydrogen generator product line to support PEMFC solutions targeting remote back-up power applications in telecommunications, perimeter & building security, highway & railroad safety, and portable power needs.

The e1 reformer generates hydrogen on-demand from a methanol and water liquid fuel that is readily available and affordable. Available in four models to support the requirements of 1 kW, 2.5 kW, 5 kW and 7.5kW fuel cell systems, the e1 reformer is packaged in a 19" rack package to allow modular growth to increments from 1kW to well beyond 7.5kW.

e1 Hydrogen Generators. Reliable solutions that achieve a new milestone in providing value and affordability.

"Hydrogen Technology Made Simple"