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CPG Product Line

Providing grid-independent infrastructure for charging electric vehicles is challenging. Fuel cell electrical generators offer an enticing alternative to diesel-electric generators. Element 1 introduces the CPG Product Line, a family of electrical power generators using fuel cell modules combined with methanol-to-hydrogen generators.

The hydrogen generator is a compact and energy-efficient machine that generates purified hydrogen on demand from liquid methanol mixed with water.

The on-demand hydrogen production process uses 50% less water and 500 times less electricity than a water electrolyzer. The CPG example shown in the video has a nominal rating of 140 kw and is packaged within a 10-foot shipping container.

An onboard battery bank provides black-start capability. Electrical output from the CPG product may be used to charge on-road or off-road vehicles. The CPG product's small size and modular nature supports stationary and mobile applications. Product delivered from the Element 1 methanol-to-hydrogen generator meets ISO 14687 purity requirements: ideal for delivery directly to low-temperature PEM fuel cells.

To learn how this technology can work for your applications, take a look through our website


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