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The Ideal Hydrogen Carrier

From methanol to hydrogen to electricity – fueling the future of transport.

Element 1 hydrogen technology uses methanol as the primary input feedstock – it is simple to access, store and transport, is a highly efficient hydrogen carrier and gives a clear pathway to a future of carbon-neutral transport via renewable methanol.

Why Element 1

Element 1 is a world leader in high-purity, on-demand hydrogen generation technology.

Element 1 hydrogen generation technology is modular, scalable, mobile, and economic, and can produce hydrogen whenever and wherever you need it. Our patented purifiers produce fuel cell grade hydrogen from methanol, meeting ISO 14687 purity standards, for up to 75% less cost than delivered bulk gas hydrogen.

Element 1 Hydrogen – Fueling our Future.

Grid independent hydrogen to electric power – on-site, onboard and on-demand, whenever, and wherever, you need it. For a cleaner world and greater efficiency.

Our Technology

Unique hydrogen generation technology for unrivalled flexibility and cost advantages.

Our world-leading hydrogen generation and purification technology opens a whole new world of exciting applications and possibilities to access and use the clean-energy fuel of the future, with hydrogen on-demand, lower costs, and greater efficiency for transport fleets.  

Mobile Hydrogen Generation for Fuel Cell Vehicles

Whether on land or sea, on-road or off-road, you can take our generation technology onboard with you to make hydrogen for your FCEV on the go. FCEV solutions can provide affordable zero-emission transportation with excellent performance. 

On-Site FCEV Hydrogen Refueling

If your vehicles return to base for refueling, then our on-site generators can make sure high-purity fuel cell grade hydrogen from methanol is ready and waiting when you need it. On-site hydrogen generation can remove the cost and complexity of expensive electrolyzer production, and remove the issues with manufacturing, transporting and storing bulk liquid or compressed hydrogen.

On-site Electricity Generation for BEV Charging Stations

Our methanol-hydrogen-electricity pathway can provide clean, reliable, economic electricity generation on-site to charge BEVs. On-site power generation removes reliance on local electrical grids to provide a secure and reliable source of electricity. Our technology uses methanol, which is easy to access, transport, and store, to provide grid-independent fuel cell power.

Marine Mobile Hydrogen Generation for a clean and economic future on the seas and inland waterways

The e1 Marine hydrogen generator solution (licensed from Element 1 Corp) makes the hydrogen generator/fuel cell combination a reality and an attractive choice for the marine industry. Element 1 has teamed up with industry leaders to form e1 Marine, a joint venture aimed at commercializing this technology in the maritime space. Find out more about our latest innovations on the seas and waterways.

Critical Infrastructure

Reliable and cost-effective fuel cell backup power solutions ensure critical infrastructure availability during unexpected power outages. Secure, safe, reliable and as-needed hydrogen for fuel cell electricity generation can be your primary source of power – or an essential back-up.

Material Handling

Our scalable hydrogen generators can lower the cost and increase reliability and safety for warehouses running fuel cell forklifts and industrial vehicles. With material handling vehicles typically staying at, or returning to base regularly, our on-site hydrogen generation is an ideal solution.


Element 1 technology can be used for mobile hydrogen generation supporting fuel cell vehicles (including buses, trucks, trains, and boats), on-site hydrogen refueling, on-site electricity generation for BEV charging stations, innovative marine applications, construction and mining vehicles, and much more.


Find out more below about our major technology applications. 

Our scalable, low-cost hydrogen generation technology supports a wide range of industries and applications.

Latest News

On-site onboard and
on-demand hydrogen generation

Get in touch with our specialist team to find out about our Hydrogen technology, industry applications and solutions, products, services and licensing options.

Financial Advisors Partner

Armistead Street Partners

Armistead Street Capital Partners provides Strategic Advisory and Investment Banking services for institutional investors, corporates, project developers, private equity, and family offices. We focus on delivering unparalleled results for our clients across the Renewables, Hydrogen, LNG & Energy Infrastructure, and Marine industries.


Armistead Street Capital Partners are advisors to e1 Marine, Element 1 Corp, Ardmore Shipping, and Maritime Partners. 

For more information about Armistead Street Capital Partners, please visit

Strategic Partners

Rix Industries

Rix Industries is a global leader in designing, developing, manufacturing, service, and supporting industry-leading energy generation systems. Rix is a technology-focused company – and an expert partner working with e1 Marine to bring specialized hydrogen generation solutions to the market.


RIX is a licensed manufacturer of Element 1’s M-series hydrogen generation technology.

For more information about Rix Industries, please visit


Methanol Institute

Founded in 1989, the Methanol Institute (MI) serves as the global trade association for the methanol industry representing the world’s leading methanol producers, distributors and technology companies. 


As the voice of the global methanol industry, the Methanol Institute works to protect existing markets for methanol while promoting the growth of emerging energy markets. Our programmatic activities are driven by member-led committees covering: Global Fuel Blending; Marine Fuel; Market Development; and Product Stewardship.

MI’s website at is the leading portal for information about methanol, and their social media platforms highlight the latest news across the industry.


CALSTART is a non-profit organization working nationally and internationally with businesses and governments to develop clean, efficient transportation solutions. CALSTART is a network that connects companies and government agencies and helps them do their jobs better.


From technology firms to transit operators and from vehicle manufacturers to research institutions, they connect every element of the clean energy sector, offering customized services, information and programming.

For more information about CALSTART, please visit


NEXA Capital Partners, based in Washington, DC provides corporate and strategic financial advisory services and capital investment to the aerospace, transportation, and logistics sectors. NEXA works with outstanding companies and management teams currently positioned to benefit from emerging factors driving sector transformation.


NEXA has strategic relationships with all levels of the aerospace sector, from large A&D companies to aviation’s most innovative start-ups.

For more information about NEXA Capital Partners, LLC, please visit

Kaizen Clean Energy

Founded in 2021, KCE is a future fuels-focused company, headquartered in Houston, TX, specializing in the design, development, and manufacture of hydrogen generators for decentralized power in transportation, power, agricultural, EV charging, municipalities, and hydrogen markets.

For more information about Kaizen Clean Energy, please visit

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