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Element 1 Licenses Technology for Electric Vehicle Charging Station to KCE

Element 1 Corp Partners with Kaizen Clean Energy to Deploy Hydrogen Generator / Fuel Cell Powered Solutions for an Electric Vehicle Charging Solution & Hydrogen Distribution

Bend, Oregon, U.S.A., September 16th, 2021 – Bend, Oregon September 16, 2021, Element 1 Corp. (“e1®”) a leading developer of hydrogen generation technology, today announced that it has licensed proprietary L-Series hydrogen generator technology to Kaizen Clean Energy (“KCE”), a leading developer of distributed hydrogen generation.

Under the terms of the license agreement, KCE has been granted rights to manufacture and deploy L-Series hydrogen generators for distributed Battery Electric Vehicle (EV) charging, hydrogen production for hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs), and standby power generation in the United States.

With proven growth in the EV sector and growing interest in hydrogen fuel cell power solutions, KCE has helped align e1’s Hydrogen Generators to support multiple markets from a single modular solution. Robert Meaney, Co-CEO & Chief Technology Officer, said, “Unfortunately, grid demand charges, un-reliable energy supply, and lengthy electric grid expansions are stalling billions of dollars in investments for wider adoption of EV charging. Our partnership with e1 provides companies with an immediate opportunity to scale, control, and decentralize their EV charging and generate revenue from hydrogen production and power generation when there are no vehicles to charge.”

Dr David Edlund, e1 CEO, said, “e1 is delighted and privileged to be collaborating with KCE and their strategy to displace ageing energy solutions. Our hydrogen generation technology being licensed to KCE is supported by dozens of patents. Just like when phones became separated from the cord, KCE’s hydrogen generator power solutions will provide a similarly disruptive approach to EV charging and separate EV fleet owners from the grid. I anticipate our relationship with KCE to continue expanding to lower the cost of EV charging and hydrogen.”

The e1 hydrogen generators produce hydrogen from methanol and deliver on-demand hydrogen at the point of use, eliminating the need to transport compressed hydrogen gas. This significantly reduces the cost of using hydrogen as an energy product. In addition, this process can be carbon-neutral, and in some cases carbon-negative, when methanol is produced from renewable feedstocks such as captured carbon dioxide or municipal solid waste. KCE is currently developing projects with e1’s® technology for municipalities, drayage fueling, fleet vehicle EV charging, hydrogen distribution, and hydrogen refuelling stations with EV fast charging.

About Kaizen Clean Energy:

Founded in 2021, KCE is a future fuels-focused company, headquartered in Houston, TX, specializing in the design, development, and manufacture of hydrogen generators for decentralized power in transportation, power, agricultural, EV charging, municipalities, and hydrogen markets. For more information about Kaizen Clean Energy, please visit

About Element 1 Corp:

e1 designs and develops advanced hydrogen generation systems used to power fuel cells with broad use in mobile applications such as marine, trucking, off-road vehicles, rail, warehousing, and backup power supply sectors. e1’s proprietary technology produces hydrogen on-demand at the point of consumption, eliminating the logistical challenges and costs inherent in distributing compressed hydrogen. For more information about e1, please visit

KCE Media Contact:

e1 Media Contact:

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