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Element 1 posters from the 2023 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Seminar.

The event was an amazing opportunity to learn more about the latest innovative thinking from the Element 1 team and the revolutionary approach to lowering costs, improving carbon emissions and utilising Hydrogen as your fuel of choice in the transport industry.

Josh Tibbitts, Element 1 Engineering Manager at Element 1 Corp, presented his poster about on-site hydrogen generation using methanol and comparison to H2 (l) and ammonia.

To see Josh's poster click here

Zoe Lavrich, Process Engineer at leading Hydrogen energy innovator Element 1 Corp, presented her poster on the unique benefits of methanol and hydrogen in fueling Neighborhood Electric Vehicles.

To see Zoe's poster click here

To find out more about how our technology has the potential to revolutionize the transport industry please take a look at our website.

To find out more about the event go to -


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