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Why Use Methanol to Generate Hydrogen?

  1. Methanol when mixed with water, is rich in hydrogen. This allows for safe, clean hydrogen generation at the point of use and is more cost effective than many other feedstocks, with much lower levels of harmful emissions.

  2. Methanol and water pre-mix is an easily handled liquid that is produced globally and is widely available in nearly every region of the world.

  3. The cost of methanol is often lower than the cost of compressed hydrogen, and in many cases provides the lowest cost of hydrogen at the point of use.

  4. Methanol is a liquid at atmospheric conditions and can easily be safely transported in plastic barrels or other common containers into remote locations with limited infrastructure. This translates to significant savings in the maintenance of feedstock reserves as compared to compressed hydrogen.

  5. Methanol and water have an extremely low freezing point (-71°C) allowing it to be used as a feedstock in cold climates. Hydrogen generation capacity is not affected by the temperature of stored methanol/water feedstock.

  6. Methanol and water can be stored indefinitely without degradation in fuel quality, thus allowing for larger storage tanks and lower refueling costs.

  7. The cost of reforming methanol is about one third the cost of reforming natural gas. Methanol reforming occurs at half the temperature of natural gas reforming. Lower temperature translates to lower cost materials, less insulation, fewer parts, and a much lower overall hydrogen generator cost.


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